Kleinbaum, N.H.: The Dead Poets Society

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DEAD POETS SOCIETY A novel by N.H. Kleinbaum Mrs. N.H. Kleinbaum, a graduate of the Medill School of Jounalism at the Northwestern University, is a newspaper reporter and editor. She lives in Mt. Kisco, New York with her husband and three children. Her other novelizations include the Bantam Starfire title grawing pains and D.A.R.L.Y. THE MAIN CHARCTERS: Tood Anderson: a very shy boy. In school lessons nobody could get a word out of him. Neil: he is a cheerful boy and his biggest wish is to become an actor Knox Overstreet: he has fallen in love with a girl, who has already got a boyfriend but he tries to win her over to his side Mr. John Keating: the new Englishteacher at Welton Academy. He has challenged them to make their lives extraordinary. THE SUMMARY OF THE STORY: A new schoolyear had started and all boys were very exited. One day they all waited for their Englishteacher and suddenly there stood a new one in their classroom. Each lesson was extraordinary and very instructive. Mr. Keating turned the boys on to the great words of Byron, Shelley and Keats, they discovered not only the beauty of language but the importance of making each moment count. He devoted his attention to each boy and soon he knew all fears and wishes of each individual. Todd Anderson, a 16 years old boy, was very shy. Nobody could get a word out of him. Mr. Keating devoted his attention to him and Todd learned to forget his fears. All of these boys had been impressed and they wanted to know more ...

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