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DRUGS AUTOR: The drug abuse market is a multi-billion dollar business, yet the international drug market is one of the most undocumented areas. Nobody knows how many drugs addicts there are in the world. There are a lot of theories, why people start taking drugs, but none of them have been proved. 1. Weak Personality Theory: This theory says that drug-takers take drugs in order to escape from their problems. 2. Evil Pusher Theory: This theory says that people take illegal drugs becaus a pusher tricks them, he makes them addicted and then sells them drug for a high profit. 3. Pleasure Theory: This theory suggests that people take drugs because they like the effects. 4. Rebel Theory: This theory says that people take drugs because it is not legal or to rebel against their parents or against the rest of society. 5. Curiosity Theory: This theory says that some people just curious about the effects of drugs and want to know for themselves what it is like. 6. Doesn´t Know Any Better Theory: Only stupid people and people who don´t understand the facts take drugs 7. Fashion Theory: Some people believe that people take a drug because it´s fashionable to take it. 8. In-with-the-crowd Theory: This theory says that people take a drug if they want to belong to the crowd. 9. Because-it-is-offered Theory: They might take a legal or illegal drug just because it´s offered to them. Some of these theories may be right for some of the people who take drugs, but no theory gives the whole story. ...

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