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EDUCATION IN THE U.S.A. GENERAL INFORMATION -School starts usually at 8.30 or 9a.m. and finishes at 3.30p.m. -School week from Monday to Friday -public schools provide books students don´t have to buy them -official state school education starts at the age of 6 -nursery school at the ages of 3 and 4 Elementary School: 6 years; children learn: basic skills of reading, speaking, writing and ´maths´ age: 6-12 grade: 1-6 Junior High School: 2 years; age:12-14 grade:7-8 High School: age:14-18 grade:9-12 ........Comprehensive High School: most common; offers general academic courses and specialised subjects(mainly for students who want to go to University) .........Specialised High Schools: -agricultural schools -business schools -commercial schools -trade schools -vocational schools In most American High Schools ´core´ subjects are studied ( the most important: English, Maths, Science, History and a foreign language) The students can also choose from ´electives´ (optional subjects) for their own interests (arts, music, computer studies etc.) For the completion of each course they get credits, which are essential for their high-school-diploma. Graduation: A ceremony takes place where the students receive their diplomas. They wear caps and gowns and their family is invited. THE AMERICAN GRADING SYSTEM POINTS GRADES GRADE POINTS 90-100 A 4 80-89 B 3 70-79 C 2 60-69 D 1 0-69 F 0 The teachers use a point system. The more points a student has, the better his her grades are. The grades ...

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