Nelson, Theresa: The Beggars´ Ride

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The Beggars´ Ride by Theresa Nelson The Author Theresa Nelson lived for summer in Atlantic City basement apartment with her husband and her three suns. The notorious boardwalk left an indible impression. Theresa Nelson is also the author of The Beggars Ride, Earthshine, and And One For All. Now she lives in Sherman Oaks, California. Summary Clare is a twelve year old girl, who lives together with her mother and her mother s boyfriend Sid. As a result of the situation at home she wants to go to Atlantic City to find her real father Joey and to live with him. So she leaves her house one night and travels to Atlantic City by bus. There she goes to the address, which she has on the letters he has written to her and when she finds the address she notices that it is the Atlantic Jack s Hot Dog Place. There she asks an old man if Joey Morgan was living her, but the man denies. So she has to sleep on a playground where a youth gang finds her. Cowboy, Thimble, Racer, Shoe and Little Dog decide to take Clare with them. They earn their living by stealing food and pick pocketing. After six weeks Cowboy decides to make a test with Clare to prove if she is able to be a real member of the gang. She has to make a plan for a robbery into a shop or a restaurant by herself. All the others say, that they should rob the Atlantic Jack s Hot Dog Place, but in the beginning Clare, who is named Fish in the gang, because she does not want to say her real name, does not want to agree to this hint, ...

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