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Englischreferat: Computers and school 1) What dangerous misconceptions do educators and parents have about computers? Many parents think that their child has to have a home computer to be good at school. There are really many positive things to say about the potential of computers, but it is dangerous to overlook their disadvantages. Computers in schools are often used in a wrong way, some policy - makers even view computers as a substitute for teachers or as an answer to teacher shortage problems. For many educators and parents computers are the answer to all human problems and for all problems in the educational process of their children. They don t think about how computers affect the learning process, or if it is good, that computers are used to replace traditional instructional relationships between teachers and students. They also don t face the fact, that many teachers are poorly trained to use computers as teaching tools and are supplied with low - quality software. Because of that for many children a computer is more a drill sergeant, used for rote learning than an intelligent assistant, what it ought to be. Educators and parents should give children and young adults more perspective on the computer which many view as a kind of god. 2) Why should one be wary of statements issued by the computer industry? What does the computer industry want to make us believe? Nowadays the computer industry is nearly as big and as powerful as the petroleum industry. Computers and ...

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