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Englischreferat: Euthanasia The magazine The Nursing Times asked it s readers with questionnaires, what they thought about euthanasia. The people had to decide in 13 fictitious cases if euthanasia could be applied or not. Euthanasia means literally good death , but for most people it means hastened or assisted death. Most respondents supported the concept of euthanasia, but nearly nobody wanted to help someone else to die, or to do euthanasia. There were two examples of babies with Down s Syndrome. In the first case the baby was rejected by his parents. The baby had an intestinal blockage. An operation was needed. Without the operation the baby would die. The question was : Operation - yes or no ? In the second case the baby was incurable ill. It was suggested that the baby should be allowed to die, although this is very distressing for his parents, nurses and doctors. Now the question was : Should there be active euthanasia ? 80 of the respondents said yes, only 13 said no. Now there is one more question : Did so much respondents just say yes because the yes vote was a reasoned choice for active euthanasia or just because they wanted to make the situation easier for the parents which didn t wanted to see their baby die slowly and painfully ? There is another example : A woman, dying of cancer and in great pain, wants to be administered a lethal dose of drugs which a doctor prescribes. There were two questions : If you were a nurse, would you agree to administer the drugs ? ...

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