Shakespeare, William: The Merchant of Venice

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The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare Author William Shakespeare was born in 1564. His father was a glover and wool-dealer; so Shakespeare probably attended grammar school. Many years later, he married the widow Ann Hathaway to inherit the money from her dead husband; three children were born to them. In 1586 he left Stratford; nothing is known about him for the next six years. In 1592 he was already a well-known actor in London, but he also had a constantly growing reputation as dramatist and playwright as well. He was also shareholder of the Globe Theatre in London. Shakespeare wrote historical plays, tragedies, comedies and romantic dramas. He used the Holinshed Chronicles as source for history in his plays, and that is why he made some historical mistakes in his plays. From 1592 to 1601 he wrote most of his plays; in 1611 he retired in Stratford as a highly regarded citizen. Shakespeare died in 1616 and was buried in Stratford on April 25th. Plot Antonio, a well-off, venetian merchant is expecting the return of his ships from abroad, he is hoping for major profits. His special friend, named Bassanio wants to propose to a woman. This woman is a wealthy heiress named Portia, whose hand is to go to whichever of her suitors makes the right choice among three caskets (a box) of gold, silver, and lead. Bassanio is now asking Antonio for a loan to impress Portia. Antonio, expecting wealth in the near future, enables Bassanio to fulfil his fantasy by borrowing 3000 ...

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