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Canada Basic Information Canada is the world s second largest country after Russia by covering the northern two-fifths of Northern America. The capital of this country, which stretches 4.600 km from north to south and 5.380 km from east to west, is Ottawa. However, Canada is one of the most thinly populated countries. Landscape The highest mountain of Canada, Mount Logan is situated in the Canadian Cordillera. Canada s rivers and lakes are sensations, too. 5 rivers, the St. Lawrence River, the Mackenzie River, the Yukon, the Fraser and the Nelson river, are among the worlds largest 40. Lake Superior, Lake Huron, both shared with the USA, the Great Bear and the Great Slave belong to the 11 biggest lakes in the world. Climate Canada s climate is dominated by extreme long and cold winters. With the exception of the Pacific coast. Flora & Fauna Just 8 of Canada s land area is farmland, more than 30 of Canada is forest. The forest between Newfoundland and the Yukon is one of the worlds biggest. More northern areas are occupied by tundra and the arctic islands are covered by permanent ice caps. Some characteristic animals are the moose, the beavers, and the Canada lynx. People Canada s population consists of two main and several smaller national groups. About 25 are British and 25 are French. The remaining 50 are mainly German, Ukrainian, Italian, Chinese, American Indian and Inuit, the native Canadian peoples. The principal Religion of Canada is Roman Catholism. English and ...

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