Go ask Alice

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GO ASK ALICE (by Anonymous) By reading the first two pages of this book you tend to believe, that Alice is a teenager like you and me. She has to face the same problems everyone of us has to. For example she worries about her boyfriend Roger and she thinks about doing a diet. Anyway I forgot to tell you a little bit about Alice herself. Alice is a fifteen year old girl from a middle-classed family. She has got a brother and a sister. So you see, everything seems to be normal. One day Alice s father tells the whole family, that he is planning to move to another town (the name of the town isn t mentioned in the text), because he will become the new dean at a university. Now Alice is very happy and she wants to start a new life in the new town. Alice even starts to diet in order to be admired at her new school. Then after saying good bye to her friends and to her grandparents, Alice and her family travel to the new town, where they own a big house. But life there doesn t develop as easy as Alice had thought. At least not for her, because Alexandria and Tim, her sister and brother, have already found friends. But all the pupils in Alice s class ignore her and nobody shows ambitions to talk to her. After a long period of loneliness and a period of considering the world as a dark and grey place, Alice finds a friend. She is called Beth and is a Jewish girl. Alice and Beth become good friends and spend a lot of time together. Then after school is out, Alice decides to spend her ...

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