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BRITAINS FIRST CHILD JAIL In Britain there´s a high rate of crime. And the worst problem is that the offenders are getting much younger. So the government thought about possibilities to find a solution for this very serious problem. But they aren´t sure if young offenders need special care or if they should be punished. A good example is Rat Boy, so called because he hides in lift shafts and roof spaces. It´s supposed that he has carried out about 170 burglaries. Nobody knows if he needs attention or if he must be punished to be a normal teen. Opinions are divided. At last the government built the Medway Secure Training Centre, that opened in April 1998 and has cost about 30 million Pounds. The Medway prison costs the taxpayer 400 Pounds a day per child. Most of the people think, that it will be a real success because of the right mixture of education, teaching discipline and care for young offenders. The Centre shall show the youngsters, that they can also be successful at other things apart from crime. The government thought about building four more secure training centres. The Children´s Society thinks, this experiment is a pointless waste and is too expensive. Ian Sparks, the Society Chief executive, meant, that locking away a few kids for so much money is mad. The offenders would talk about their criminal techniques and so they would learn from each other. Many newspapers write, that the centre is a comfortable hotel or things like that. Sue Clifton, the direction of ...

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