Johnson, Louanne: Dangerous Minds

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DANGEROUS MINDS by Louanne Johnson The book I am talking about is based on real facts. It consists of separate snapshots which means that the chapters are independent from each other. The story is told in the first person by Louanne Johnson - an ex-marine - who decided to become an English teacher at Parkmont Highschool. Although the school is situated in a white middle-class area the majority of the students has to cope with social problems.But this meant a challenge to Louanne Johnson, the main character. Parkmont Highschool offers several programs to it´s students. The most important group are the academy students who have above-average grades and generally plan to go to college. On the other hand are the regular P-students whose performances are not so good. In NEP classes which means Non-Englisch-Proficient there are immigrant kinds who primarily have to learn English. The summer school kids who are the least motivated have to make up for their failures of the regular school year. Miss Johnson: she intended to teach Highschool just for one year because she needed the money and also the experience to get the position of a college professor. The reason why she gets hooked for approximately four years is the joy she feels whenever she can motivate a difficult student to achieve his or her goals.Of course there are also students who don t want to be helped. This nearly breaks her heart but none the less she never gives up. Most of her students have hardly any self-esteem ...

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