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CANADA Facts The capital of Canada is Ottawa. Edmonton and Calgary are also very big cities. Population centres are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Official languages are English and French. The currency in Canada are Canadian Dollars. There are six times zones. Canada is a parliamentary monarchy in Commonwealth of Nations. So the head of the State is Queen Elizabeth the II. Head of the Government is the Prime Minister, Jean Chretien. Land Canada is the 2nd largest land after Russia in the world. The total area is about 9 970 610 square kilometres. This is about 120 times larger than Austria. There are ten provinces and three territories, which are put under the Federal Government of Canada. Climate Canada comprises eight vegetation zones, most of which are dominated by forest. In Canada there are long, snow guaranteed winters and short, partly hot summers. There are also high temperature differences. In winter most people in the cities live underground because of the coldness. Also some shopping centres are subterranean to keep the warmth as long as possible. Montreal has the largest underground area with about 30 square kilometres. As well as there are shopping centres, there are also offices and blocks of flats. Population Canada has 30,7 mill. inhabitants. This are 3,1 inhabitants per square kilometre. This is very low because in Austria there are 97 inhabitants per square kilometre. The urbanisation is about 77 (in Austria 64 ). 35 of the Canadian people are British, ...

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