Reform for Higher Grades in High School

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Reform for Higher Grades in High School
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Reform for Higher Grades in High Schools Goals: high level of education and comparability simplification of the system to study independently specialization not too early possibility of choosing priority individually Basic Proficiency Classes: 2 proficiency classes, five lessons a week maths and german, four lessons a week one proficiency class has to be: maths, science or a foreign language What to enroll in: 4 semesters german, one foreign language, history, politics and economics, religious education, maths, one science and physical education at least 2 semesters art or music, another foreign language or another science or computer science What to bring in: 4 semesters german, one foreign language, maths and one science the last two semesters art or music, history, politics and economics, the other foreign language or computer science Abitur: 5 final exams, three written tests, one oral test, one presentation or if the student requests written or oral test Supplement: standardization of formal commitments, e.g. error rate, grading higher grades used for: Oberstufe to enroll to choose a class oral test mündliche Prüfung to request to ask for supplement additional information formal commitment formale Festlegung Sources: Hessian school ministerium and HLZ magazin ...

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