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Reported Speech: Our teacher isnt very friendly Lilly said. This cannot be true Billy said. Sue wasnt at home yesterday. her mother said in a worrid voice. She has been smoking too much. her doctor said. I do not know Claudia Schiffer. Sharon said to her friend. They have a surprise for you my aunt said. We may go out tomorrow. my husband said. Bill has to practise the flute his teacher said. Joe is a very nice boy. Sarah said. After the accident happend I had taken a shower. Michael told me. Mary had got a little baby. Felix told his mother. School is the place where friendships are made. the Beatles are singing. She has been there since her birth. her brother insisted. Lucky Luc is a very famous cowboy. the TV-teller said. Did you ring the police when you heard the noise? our neighbour asked. Dont go inte the mountains my friend warned me. Go away He shouted. How old are you? the controller asked. We will manage that the teacher said to Tom. Why did you do that? she asked desperated. Have you learned your words? he asked. Did you have fine weather? my mother asked. ...

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