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Relativpronoun: I saw a girl. She is standing over there. 10 points Sue had a problem. She did not know how to solve it. My brother visits my grandmother. She is in the hospital now. I dont like boys. They are too cool. We have got a cat. It is called Momo Tenses: 14 points Yesterday I (not go) to school, because I (be) ill. My mother (come) to me and (say) : Darling, you (need not go) to school. You (be) a good pupil. If you (miss) one or two days, it (not be) a drama.Oh no. I (like) to go to school, Mum I (answer). But now, at this moment I (sit) on my chair, in 34 minutes it (ring), and I (hate) myself, because I (go) to school. Modalverbs: all tenses 14 points Ich kann schwimmen. (2 times) Michael muß in die Schule gehen. (3 times) Die Kinder dürfen im Garten spielen. Maggie darf nicht zur Party gehen. Form question or negation and the right tense: 14 points She drank two bottles of beer. (Pr.t.Prog., Question) He is leaving school. (Pr.t.simple, Negation) My sister will be angry. (Past t., Negation) Are you good in history? (Past t., Negation) She had to walk to school yesterday. (Future t.,Question) They did not use their heads. (Pr.t.simple, normal) He knew it from another boy. (Future t., Question) Plus points: Put the sentences with the modalverbs in all possible tenses. 44-52 1 37-43 2 29-36 3 21-28 4 -20 5 ...

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