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Put into the plural: He does not know what to do. My sister has a good feeling for books. The cat is playing with the ball. My neighbours child is very polite. Ago one year she died. You have got very much work. She tells him her secret. Put into the singular: The children play with their cars. They are singing christmas carols. . We did not know the strangers. You should eat your apples. The classmates laughed at them. The birds are singing in the sky. The girls bring a big bunch of flowers. Use the words in sentences: ( use different Tenses and Persons) secret use when angry where turn right easy should hurt what who Reported Speech: Ann says: I have to go shopping. Susan says: I liked to go to school. Mother shouts: Dinner is ready. Teacher says: Jack never does his homework. Reporter says: Mike will be the best player. Kate says: My parents were too strict. Ken protests: I do not want to water the flowers. Lucy thinks: Mother knows where I can find my shoes. Norbert tells his friends: My brother felt tired. Put in all possible tenses: Tom can always ride my bike. You are allowed to take care of my sister. I am very happy. Peter often helps me with my homework. ...

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