Newspapers in the United Kingdom

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Newspapers in the United Kingdom The Mirror Name: Schneeberger Bernhard Class: 3 4 AEB 2000 2001 Examiner: Prof. Wurzinger Riedl Table of contents 1 Basic information about newspapers. 2 How to compare newspapers? 3 Introduction 3.1 The Times 3.2 The Daily Telegraph 3.3 The Mirror 3.4 The Sun 3.5 The Observer 3.6 The Guardian 4 Conclusion 5 Words 6 Sources 1 Basic information about newspapers. A newspaper is a publication, which is issued at regular intervals, especially daily or weekly. It commonly contains news, comments, features and advertising. The name was first used in the late 16-th century (1660-1670). It contains the words news paper . Newspapers usually have a very high circulation. ( 500,000). In the United Kingdom more newspapers are sold than in any other European country. They have a strong influence on public opinion. But the government of the United Kingdom is not allowed to intervene on the contents. That means that no censorship exists in the United Kingdom. This is called Freedom of the press . Newspapers are mainly financed by advertising. Most newspapers with high circulation are in the hands of big commercial enterprises. Some others, like student- newspapers, have very low circulation. They are commonly financed by schools or universities. 2 How to compare newspapers? The first thing which can be seen if someone buys a newspaper, is the price. The price varies between wide borders. It depends on the quality of the paper. There are some main points ...

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