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Tornados A great whirlwind you can either call a storm or simply a low-pressure-area. It comes into being by temperature contrasts between the relative warm air of the sea and an arctic coldfront which built up into a cyclone. The tropic whirlwinds which rage in the Carribean Sea and at the Gulf of Mexico are called hurricane, precisely said, in the Western Pacific theyre called tayfun which means great wind in Chinese, at India they are called Willy-Willy. Often these storms are several 100 kilometres wide and in the inside they reach up to 400 km h. Another kind of whirlwinds are tornados which come to the Northern America every year. In the average 900 whirlwinds are counted in one year. The bad ones demand about 100 or more casualties and cause extensive property damage. At the record day, the 3rd April of 1974, 18 tornados raged within 18 hours, left 315 dead and 5000 injured persons. Tornados distinguish themselves from the tropic whirlwinds by being built up over the mainland and just to be about 50 kilometres wide but to whirl with a speed of 500 km h around their own axles. Such a giantic storm is the result of two big air-masses hitting each other. The cold and dry winds from the Rocky Mountains stream above the sultry air from the Gulf of Mexico. Warm air spreads and loses weight, because of that it raises up like a balloon and builts up drops of water which comes down to earth as an enormous thundercloud. There are still two conditions which are necessary for a ...

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