Steinbeck, John: Of Mice and Men

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OF MICE AND MEN - BY John Steinbeck The Author: - Real name is John Ernst Steinbeck - he was born in 1902 in Salinas California - Studied marine biology at Stanford University - Held several jobs including laboratory assistant, fruit picker, construction worker at Madison Square Garden in NYC and he was a reporter for NEW YORK AMERICAN - During this time he wrote short stories - 1929 wrote his first novel Cup Of Gold - 1930 he found a publisher - 1935 he became a full-time writer - during World War II he was a special writer for the United States - 1940 he won the Pulitzer Prize - 1962 Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature - he died at the 20th of December in 1968 in NYC The Book: - is about a story of two travelling farm workers, who yearn for some sort of home - it was published in 1937 - divided into 15 chapters Setting: - plays in the beginning of the 20th century on a ranch near Soledad California Main Characters: LENNIE - very large, strong but gentle man with a large face, pale eyes, wide shoulders and the mind of a child - is very forgetful - loves stroking nice things, specially animals - works on ranches and travels with George, who looks after him - cannot think how to do things himself, but he always obeys orders GEORGE - is a small and quick man with a dark face, restless eyes and a thin nose - is Lennies friend and looks after him and tries to keep him out of trouble - is very honest CANDY - is an old man, who works on the ranch too - lost his ...

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