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Time Ausarbeitung zum Englisch Spezialgebiet by Marcus Meisel, 8C Betreuerin: Mag. Rauchenwald B) CONTENTS A) Title Page page 1 B) Contents page 2 C) Introduction page 4 1) Time is an Arrow page 5 Seeing Things Different The Last Century page 5 The Beginning of Time page 5 Sensing Time page 5 The Arrows of Time page 5 Which Direction? page 6 Intelligent Life page 6 A fourth Arrow? page 7 Summary page 7 2) Relativity of Time page 8 The Beginning page 8 Einstein`s Start page 8 The Twin Paradoxon page 8 It`s all Relative page 9 Einstein page 9 Day-to-Day Experiences page 10 A Clue page 10 The Solution page 11 Light page 11 Einstein`s Dreams page 11 Plot page 11 Results page 12 New Findings page 12 Consequences page 12 Faster than Light page 12 General Relativity page 13 A Solution page 13 The Trojan Horse page 13 Questions page 133) Space and Time page 14 A Brief History of Time page 14 Sinking into Space-Time page 14 Einstein page 14 The Universe as a Sheet page 15 Einstein as Idol page 15 Dynamic Space and Time page 15 Gravitational Effects page 16 Solutions? page 16 A Unifying Theory page 16 Dreams page 17 The Physics of Star Trek page 17 4) To Build a Time Machine page 19 The First Thoughts Change Time page 19 The Time Machine page 19 Time Travel page 20 Introducing a New Theory page 21 Problem: Time Travel page 21 Logical Paradoxon page 21 The Risks of Time Travel page 21 Time Paradoxes page 22 My Favourite page 23 Creating the Impossible? page 23 Theoretical Basis page ...

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