Gates, Bill William Henry

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Bill William Henry Gates Biography: 28 october Bill William Henry Gates was borned Seattle in the USA. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a teacher. Bill was a very good pupil and he had always good grade. 1968 Bill and his friend Paul Allen played on a computer Tic Tac Toe. They used the computer very often. But they didn t know much about the computer. The aked the teacher, but they didn t know about it. And so they tryed to test all with the schoolcomputer. 1972 Paul and Bill improveed the programming language BASIC. They programed with the programming language BASIC new games. In summer 1972, Bill was 16 years old. Paul und Bill established company. They earned money, because they sold the programms, that they have made. At the same time INTEL published a microprocessor chip. Bill and Paul tryed to build around the chip a machine. They managed it, but nobody wound to buy the machine. 1973 Bill and Paul got job as a programmer by TRW. They earned 165 Doller in one week. 1974 Bill had finished the high school. He went to the nobeluniversity Harvard. He studyed mathematics, but he didn t like it. 1976 after 2 years, Paul called with Bill. Paul said to Bill, that INTEL had published a microprocessor chip which was 10 times faster than the another one. Bill left the university and established a new company, it was Microsoft. Bill and Paul worked hard for the new company. Bill und Paul constructed a Computer with the INTEL chip and the programming language BASIC. They ...

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