Road Trip

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Road Trip Characters: Josh, Berry, Ruben, Kyle, Tiffany, B.L., Beth Josh and Tiffany were friends, since they were 5 years old. But when they were about 15 years, they started loving each other. And after the High school, they went to different colleges. They telephoned everyday and had send videos to each other. One day, Josh told Ruben to send Tiffany the video that he had performed for her. In this evening Josh had sex with Beth, and she wanted to film themselves. On the next day, Ruben had send this video to Tiffany. So Josh, Ruben and B.L. decided to drive to Austin. But they had a Problem, they had no car. So they had to ask Kyle. They didn t like him very much, but they needed him. He was so strange, he could never really say no The guys told Berry, a friend of them, they are going to Austin, but he understood Boston(Massachusetts) So the guys drove to Austin. On the same day Tiff came to Berry and asked him about Josh and he told him that they went to Boston. She took the next Bus In the meantime the guys paid with Kyle s Credit Card. They took a shorter way, but then they came to an old, broken down bridge. So they had to jump After this jump over the bridge, the car broken down and exploded, but they were lucky, because they had already left the car. Then they had to walk They stayed over the nights in smaller motels and at Ruben s grandparents. In the meantime was Tiff in Boston and had the idea, that this information was wrong. Kyle s strict father got the ...

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