Miller, Arthur: Death of a Salesman

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English Choice-Duty-Subject Huda Mahdi, Andreas Eder, Jasmin Bayer, Barbara Reisenhofer Arthur Miller´s Death of a Salesman Character Linda: She is Willy´s wife and the mother of Biff´s and Happy´s. Linda loves her husband very much and that´s why she cares more about Willy than about her two sons. Linda is very naive and rather optimistic. Although she tries to protect Willy from reality and its dangers, Willy supresses her. Linda runs the household and tries to get by on money. She doesn´t complain about anything and that´s why she cant´understand why Willy has committed sucide. Message American Dream of financial successWilly´s dream is to become a very famous and rich salesman. He wants to build a house with a big garden for his wife. At the age of 60 he realizes that his dream hasn´t come true and commits suicide. For society he loses his worth when he isn´t able to work so hard any longer. Relationship between father and sonWilly has a troubled relationship to his sons. He has great expectations in his sons, especially in Biff. Willy wants him to get a good job, but Biff wants to become a farmer. The father can´t understand that his son Biff does not have the same dream as he himself. The trouble is that Willy never listens to his sons when they want to talk to him. Confrontation with realityWilly lives an a virtual world and can´t cope with reality. That´s why he creates a world of illusions in which he talks to his dead brother Ben, to Linda, to Biff, to Happy and ...

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