The Fauna of Australia

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The fauna of Australia is hardly to compare with other regions. This is mainly because the continent is one of the oldest landscapes and the isolated location, which favored an independent fauna. For us as Europeans this animal world is very beautiful but sometimes also dangerous. Bird world One of the most famous birds in Australia is the Emu, which measures up to 1.60 meters. Kakadus, rainbow-parrots are some of the most beautiful animals worldwide. Nearly everywhere you can hear them screaming. Also budgies, which are often kept in our households, come from Australia. A typical bird of this continent is the Kookabuura, often called Lachender Hans , because his scream remembers us of a laughing person. Further birds are e.g. Kasuars, Pelicans ... Terrestrial animals The most famous Australian animals are the marsupials like Kangaroos, Koalas or the Wombat. Further well known mammals are the Dingo, the duckbill and other animals brought with the first immigrants, like buffaloes, camels, horses, sheep and many others. Everywhere you can find ants. Some of them are really annoying, like the Bullants, a very large sort of ants, which can bite powerful. Also termites are found everywhere, mainly in the north of Australia, where you can also see the up to 2,50 meters high structures. Sea animals Dolphins and whales, especially Humpback Whales, can be met from July to October, where they swim around the coast of Queensland and New South Wales. But in Australia there are a lot of ...

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