Dick, Phillip K.: Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep)

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English essay What elements of Do androids dream of electric sheep translate well into film. The book Do Androids dream of electric sheep is the sort of science fiction story that has several elements which can be put into film. One element of this book that goes well into film is the setting in particular the infrastructure. It is set in the futuristic Los Angles it is a place with big tall skyscrapers and virtual cities inside buildings this can be seen on the front cover of the book. The concept of having towns inside huge buildings has been used before in many Science fiction films. The most notable of which I Believe is 2001 a space odessy. Although it is not a huge part of the film early in the movie we see a shot of a space station orbiting the earth in this space station there is a type futuristic city. This was a revolutionary idea in its time. Although the two cities are completely different it is the concept of having cities inside these futuristic worlds which always translates well into film. Another classic example is the death star in the Star Wars trilogy. There are many other elements of the futuristic cities, which translate well into film things such as flying cars which were used in the film blade runner. There is an important question that is asked in this book that works well on film. That is that this book questions reality it asks us the question how do we know what is real and what is not. On the screen this sort deep moral question has the capicity ...

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