Golding, William: Lord of the Flies

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Today I d like to talk again about the book Lord of the Flies written by William Golding. While last time I mainly gave a summary, I d like to focus today on the following three aspects: A brief description of the main characters, the discussion of a selected passage from the book and my personal opinion. But first I d like to freshen up your memories by giving you a general summary: Summary The book is an adventure story about a group of boys abandoned on tropical island during a war, that is still raging elsewhere. The book describes how the kids first erect a democratic system of government by electing a boy called Ralph over an other boy called Jack. Under the leadership of Ralph they decide to adapt as much as possible the daily pattern of their lives in England to the tropical island. But most of the boys, especially the littluns, soon loose interests in doing evident things, like building shelters, and start playing the whole day long. So they also neglect the fire they decided to put up to be seen by probably passing ships on behalf of going hunting a pig. So the boys are breaking into two groups: one led by Ralph and the other, the hunters, led by Jack. While Ralph maintains the democratic system, Jack develops a community which is aggressive but which accepts his absolute authority. To appease a probably existing beast, the hunters stick a pig s head on a stick. They call this gift The Lord of the Flies. In course of time, all the boys which joined Ralph s group ...

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