The American West - Myth vs. Reality

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Facharbeit 1995-96: The American West - Myth vs. Reality The Myth of the West in a Modern Mass Consumption Society Myth Realitycolonization and new landdifferent ways to the Westred skinned enemies, the Indiansthe white man vs. the white manoutlawssheriffs & marshalscowboyswomen`s role Ideologies of the American WestManifest DestinyThe American Dream (Self-Determination, Self-Activity, Self-Assertion) The Mixture of Myth and RealityPocahontasSitting BullDaniel BooneHenry T. P. ComstockBilly the KidJesse JamesButch Cassidy and Sundance KidWyatt EarpDoc HollidayJames Butler `Wild Bill` HickokBuffalo Bill Summary From West to Western Bibliography The Myth of the West in a Modern Mass Consumption Society Some of the things we buy are sold by the myth of the American West. There are quite a few examples for the thesis that the myth behind the American West has been commercialized in some (American) products. The most obvious example are the cigarettes called `West` along with their slogan `Test the West`. Cigarettes in general contain the American West in their commercials, mostly often a smoking cowboy is used to praise the product. The consumer is not inhaling smoke but freedom. Another example are the blue jeans we wear not only in our leisure time, but nearly always. Just like the cowboys in the commercials tell, jeans are on the one hand comfortable and on the other hand also a symbol for freedom. As myths are supposed to be everlasting, it is not surprising that the myth ...

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