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Food In the Western world dies from hunger any longer. We all have enough to eat and food has became a major pleasure for many people. But in reason years junk food had covered by the globe. There is nearly no country in the world where McDonalds does not exist. In the schools teachers have to force fat children to exercise. They became fat because they ate to much junk food, chips, nuts, sweets and cookies. So how should we eat prperly? In the old days we ate 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today we know that it is much healthier to eat 5 little meals spread out over the hole day. We should also drink at least 2 litres of liquid. As everybody knows visible fat should be avoided. Meals should consist of a healty equilibrium of protains (meat, chicken, fish, eggs) and carbolydrats (hole, meal, bred, vegetables and fruit). People who are vegetatrian have to eat vegetables wich contain protains too. Cardinal König is a old and healty man. He never eats anything after 5 o´clock in the afternoon. Everybody knows that you should not drink to much alcohol either. If you follow all of this rules you will became a very healty and very old person. The only additional thing to watch is your daily exercise. If you walt 20 minutes per day you can even reach the age of Queen Mum. ...

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