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Drugs Drugs are substances the humours-, perception- and sensations bring about. There are illegal drugs (hashish, cocaine and LSD) and legal drugs (alcohol, nicotine). There are hard and soft drugs. The difference is the strength of the drug. In former times drugs were rarer. But in the 60ies the drugs came about with the hippies. It was a downright epidemic. In the following years drugs became harder and the consumers younger. We can assign drugs to special milieus. In the Technoscene there are LSD and Ecstasy. And in the Hip-Hop- and Grunge- scene there are hashish and marihuana. These days young people take their first joints at the age of 13-15. They take drugs because they are curious and want to get the feeling of the drugs. Also, they want to avoid reality, displace their fears, improve their humour and avoid conflicts. But drugs are dangerous. When you need drugs under compulsion we speak of an addiction. A sign for is addiction is when somebody needs always a higher dose of drugs and is unable to live without drugs. The result of addictions are infections, hepatitis B C, HIV-infection. The financial problems of addicted people because of buying drugs lead mostly to drug-criminality. They result of this is theft, prositution and illegal drug trade. But it is forbidden to sell drugs, it is criminal. The way out of addiction is difficult. In spite of professional help there are relapses to be mastered. Addiction is an illness. What can you do to save your child from ...

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