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Werlberger Spezialgebiet Englisch 2000 2001 John Lennon his life music and political awareness John Lennon was known best for his music, but in addition to that he was a philosopher, artist, visionary, social leader and most importantly a common man with a dream. Childhood and Youth (1940 1957) John Winston Lennon was born in Liverpool in October 1940. The middle name was given to him because of the english Prime Minister Winston Churchill. His mother Julia was married to a british seaman named Alfred Lennon in this time. They were hardly together in the three years of their marriage because he went to India and America a lot. Julia didn t like her life as a housewife so she had an affair during one of her husbands travels to Africa. She became pregnant again. She got a little girl who she released for adoption one month after birth. She didn t pay much attenention to her son John. Later, Julia met her second husband and had two girls. John, her first-born child felt exluded from the rest of the family. Consequently, John grew up with his aunt Mimi, who was a very distant and reserved woman. She did not encourage Johns talents when he was young. She wanted him to become something better. Mimi thought her nephew was too good for this profane world. She did not realize that John was very emotional, creative and not conventional. Feelings where almost always forbidden and he really never became her son. Mimi was not amused when she saw John playing in the streets with ...

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