Stevenson, Robert Louis: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Stevenson, Robert Louis: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Summary: The book begins with two men, Mr. Utterson and his cousin Mr. Richard Enfield, on a walk in London. Although the two men are initially silent, after passing a mysterious door , Mr. Enfield tells the lawyer, Mr Utterson, a strange occurrence that centred around the door. Late one night, while he was on his way home, he chanced to see an act of violence, a short man who walked on a girl who was on her way to get a doctor. The girls family and Mr. Enfield catch the mysterious man and instead of getting the police, they decide to blackmail him and force him to give the girls family money. Agreeing to this, the mysterious man disappears into the same door and comes out with a cheque bearing not his own signature , but that of the respectable, honoured and very well known man, Dr. Jekyll. After hearing the story, Utterson returns to his home where he takes out Dr. Jekylls mysterious will, which he recently filed away in a safe in his business room. Jekylls will stated that in case of his death, everything he owned will pass to Mr. Hyde, but even stranger, in case of his disappearance for more than three months, Hyde will assume Jekylls life without delay. Utterson decides that Jekyll is being blackmailed by Hyde. So he searches after him to see his face in order to understand why. After seeing him he is sure that this evil man is the same as in the story which his cousin Enfield has told him. One year later, Hyde murders Sir Danvers Carew with a ...

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