Great Britain and nuclear bombs

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Great Britain and nuclear Bombs by Max Josef Schmid Introduction Today many people do not know that Great Britain is a nuclear power. Of course Russia, France and the United States of America tested thousands of atomic bombs during the last fifty years. However, Great Britains is still in possession of large amounts of these weapons. This country was the third country, who became a thermonuclear power after some tests on the Christmas Islands. Types of nuclear Weapons à An atomic bomb consists of highly radioactive material like plutonium 239 or uranium 235. A chain reaction is provoked by an initiator. The whole thing explodes. à The hydrogen bomb, or thermonuclear bomb, initially works much like an atomic bomb, with a fission chain reaction. However the heat and force is reflected by a surrounding container of uranium, triggering a secondary fusion stage with hydrogen isotopes. The blast is much more powerful à The neutron bomb has the decision to kill only the people and not to destroy the buildings. The blast is not so strong, but the released radioactivity is wide spread. 1 kiloton 1000 tons of TNT (25 lorry loads) 1 megaton 1 million tons of TNT (25000 lorry loads) The humble Beginnings Without any doubt the development of nuclear weapons was very important for the science. The journey began slowly, in 1896, with the discovery of radioactivity in uranium. Six years later Marie and Pierre Curie isolated the radioactive metal radium. Albert Einstein published his theory ...

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