The Greenham Common Women

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The Greenham Common Women In 1979 the NATO decided to site 96 Cruise Missiles at the Air Force base in Greenham Common. On september 5th in 1981 women marched 110 miles from Cardiff in Wales to to Greenham to protest against the NATO decision. Then they set up Womens Peace Camp outside the main gate of the RAF base. Setellite camps soon followed and settled around the fences of the base. Each camp was distinguished by its color - the Womens Peace Camp became known as Yellow Gate. In november 1983 the missiles arived. More women came from all parts of the U.K. to resist by taking non-violent direct action. In addition women entered the base regularly to obstruct the workings of the Cruise Missile convoy. In 1985 Micheal Hesseltine, the Secretary of Statue for the Ministry of Defence, made byelaws for Greenham Common that criminilized these women and prohibited their actions. After four years of fighting against these byelaws Jean Hutchinson and Georgina Smith managed to convince the House of Lords to declare these byelaws illegal. Within these years hundreds of women of the Greenham Common Women were arrested and imprisoned. In March 1991, the last of the Criuse Missiles were flown back to the United States. Greenham Common Women succeeded. 1994 the last of the satellite camps closed. The Yellow Gate - camp stayed to draw the attention on all existing nuclear weapons. In 1992 women turned their attention to the atomic weapons at Aldernaston and Burghfield, two stations just ...

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