The American Industrialisation

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The American Industrialisation The End Of Reconstruction Era Around the year 1835 the first railway connections are build between the bigger cities in the east and west. These lines simplify the transport of row materials. For that reason simultaneously with the growing of the railway connections also the mining of raw materials begin to rise. So you can say, the railway and the mining of raw materials are the major reasons for the beginning of the Industrial Era The First Telegraph Connection In 1855 David E. Hughes invents the Hughes-Telegraph. Until 1865 there are telegraph connections all over the USA. The telegraph expands the power of US-government. E.g. it makes possible to promulgate lows at the same time to all important cities around the USA. Another aspect is that the telegraph gives American companies the possibility, faster to react for financial investing. The First Railway Connection The government commissions in the year 1862 the Central-Pacific and the Union Pacific to build a railway connection between the Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast. The construction begins in January 1863 by the Central Pacific in Sacramento, California and 1865 by the Union Pacific in Omaha, Nebraska. Both companies try to sabotage, mutually. The Central Pacific begins to employ Chinese because for most Whites the work is too hard and they wants more money as the Chinese workers. At the last dangerous and mountainous part of the distance the Union Pacific get help from the ...

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