Kris Anderson; Julie Chan is missing

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Julie Chan is missing About the Author: Kris Anderson was born in New Jersey. She lives in New York and writes books for young people. She s very successful. She got some awards for her books. Persons in the story: Julie Chan She s a 23 year young and attractive girl. Her parents think that she looks for her twin brother. Peter Leong tries to find her. Peter Leong He is a top crime reporter and tries to find Julie Chan. His parents live in Australia. Irene Kowk She is a fashion model. She helps Peter when he needed help. Contents: Peter Leong is a top crime reporter. One day some friends of his family asked him if he would help them with Julie Chan. Julie Chan is a young attractive girl. First Peter wasn t very interested in this case. But after some time he got very interested in Julie Chan. Julie Chan wanted to visit a friend of her family in Hong Kong. But she didn t. Julie arrived a day earlier as she planned. She went to a dirty third class hotel and stayed there for one day. In the next morning she went out and never came back. Peter knew the manager of the hotel. He was famous for his dirty business. After talking with the housemaid he found out, that Julie Chan had asked about a medicine shop. So Peter went to this shop. There he found a photo of Julie Chan but not more, because the owner had locked him out. Next day he got a call from a man. The man said that he should look after the Seabird , a boat which was in Aberdeen. There Peter found the Seabird, but the ...

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