The Snake Stone

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The Snake Stone Plot: James is a 15 year old boy, who is very fond of diving and really good at it. Hes adopted. He doesnt know anything about his Past. And the only few things hes got from when he was a baby are in an small box. He was never interested very much in those things. But then, one day he looked at them. There were some clothes and a small piece of paper. On it was a message Look after Sammy stood there. He was a bit confused, because his name is James. But suddenly he recognised, that Sammy had to be the name his mother called him (thats because James real father has this name). On the other side of the note he could see a few letters which belong to an address. Also in the box was a stone which looked like a snake. He took those two things out of the box. James found out, ...

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