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1 The Simpsons : a description of the comic series and its main characters 8.30 p.m. in America. Primetime. Millions of Americans are watching TV, but not boring action films, some love story or unrealistic science-fiction thriller... They are watching The Simpsons , America s most successful comic strip. Started in December 1989, it was the first animated prime-time series since the 1960 s and right from the beginning it was part of American culture. It was so successful because after similar comedy series like Eine schrecklich nette Familie , Alle unter einem Dach or Bill Cosby the Simpsons presented a revolutionary new combination of humoristic comic strips and direct social criticism of American society. Another reason for its success is that the Simpsons represent normal and average American society, everything in the series is ordinary. The author, Matt Groening, intended to criticise society by showing it how average it really is. Nothing in the series is invented, everything and everybody does exist. Springfield , for example, is the most used name for cities in America, it s the usual name for Anytown (Das Springfield, in dem die Simpsons wohnen, existiert natürlich nicht wirklich. Aber bei dem Namen hat sich Matt Groening dennoch etwas gedacht: (...) Springfield ist einer der am meisten vorkommenden Städtenamen in den USA.) 1 . Homer and Marge are the names of Matt Groening s parents, the teachers in Springfield s Elementary School have the same names as Matt s ...

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