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The Simpsons Description of the comic series animated by Matt Groening in 1989 the first animated prime-time series since the 1960 s and right from the beginning a part of American culture the revolutionary new combination of humoristic comic strips and direct social criticism of American society made the Simpsons so successful they represent the normal and average American society The main characters of the comic series The father is called Homer Simpson, he is characterised as the loveable, not terribly intelligent father he tries to please his family, his boss and his friends all the time, but with varying degrees of success he works as a safety inspector in a nuclear power plant, a job which is more or less meaningless for Homer the most important things for Homer are TV, Duff beer and doughnuts His wife and mother of three children is Marge Simpson she is a patient and quite intellectual housewife with tower-high blue hair- she embodies the stereotypical American mother, serving as a model of morality and good behaviour Bartholomew J. Simpson, called Bart , is ten years old and the Simpson s eldest child he is a cheeky young boy who only thinks of the next trick he can play on his parents, his sister, his teachers or Moe, the barkeeper school is for Bart a necessary evil, his mind is only on skateboarding and his favourite comic, the Radioactive Man The brain of the family is definitely Lisa Simpson, particularly marked by her impressive intellect she is the cultured ...

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