The London Theatres in the Elizabethan London

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The London Theatres in the Elizabethan London London: large population, place of political and economical Power main centre of English intellectual life centre for inland and overseas trade rich merchants interested to open up new markets for England theatre-going one of the favourite pastimespublic-theatres: mixed audience primary for the crowd stood in the open around the stage wealthier people sat in the distance in Lord s rooms or galleriesprivate playhouses: in the walls of existing buildings benches next to stage smaller audience capacity higher admission prices 3 Elizabethan audiences genteel audience of the private theatres plebeian audience both mixed typical Shakespeare s audience, plays were mostly written for this kind theatrical tariffs designed for working-class audience 1605 160.000 people living in Westminster 16 of London s population went to theatre every week the Swan could hold 3000 people the Fortune and the Rose capacity of 2500 Rose daily visitors 1160-1250 people private theatres capacity of 1000 prices: public: a penny per person for standing place 1 penny seats in a gallery 1 penny comfortable seat in lords rooms private: 6 pennys weekly wage of a workman 1601 84 pence capacity of the Globe 2000 people Origins of the Elizabethan Stage churches searched for more effective way to teach the holy bible 10th century short dramatic presentations of biblical scenes 12th till 15th short plays first in Latin later in English (Miracle Plays) later more ...

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