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First of all Id like to tell you something about Frank McCourts childhood. He is born in 1930 in New York, thats why he has the American passport. But he grew up in Limerick, thats in Ireland (show it on the film). His family consists of: Frank McCourt himself, his mother Angela McCourt, his father Malachy McCourt, and his three younger brothers Malachy, Michael and Alphie. Due to the facts that the parents havent got enough money to feed the children and Malachy McCourt, the father, cant earn any money in Limerick, he goes to England like a lot of other Irish men to find some work. Angela rarely gets some money because if Malachy works he drinks his wages. So Frank has to leave school at the age of fourteen to earn money to feed his family. At the same time he uses the opportunity to save some. (film about the childhood) One of his biggest dreams is to go back to the USA. Thats where my book begins. It begins in Cork in 1949 where Frank goes on board of a ship to New York. He went there with the big expectation of NY to be the solution of his problems. You have to imagine Frank as a poor dressed nineteen years old boy with a pimply face, sore eyes and bad teeth. Thats like he describes himself. On the ship he gets to know a priest. As they arrive in NY the priest proposes Frank to take a hotelroom with him till he finds a place to stay. Next day they find a furnished room and a job for Frank. One evening he meets Tom Clifford, another Irish, and he goes out with him. They ...

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