Fry, Stephen: Making History

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Making History by Stephen Fry Making History is a novel by Stephen Fry, who was born in Hampstead, London on Saturday, August 24, 1957 as the son of Alan and Marianne Fry. Except other books such as The Hippopotamus Fry also wrote some plays(e.g. Latin in 1979) and films and the musical Me & My Girl. He also worked as an actor in the famous BBC series Blackadder. Making History was first published in the United Kingdom in 1996 by Hutchinson. The book tells a fantasy-science fiction-time travelling story about a student named Michael Young who wants to eliminate the holocaust from the history books by preventing Adolf Hitler from being born. The book itself is divided into two books (in the first book every chapter title starts with Making-, in the second every chapter title ends with -History). The story begins in Michael Youngs house in Cambridge. Michael is an aspiring history student who just finished his doctoral thesis (he calls it Das Meisterwerk) about Hitlers roots. Because hes late for his lecture and his girlfriend Jane took their Renault he hurries to the university. In his pigeon-hole there he discovers a package that is supposed for Leo Zuckermann, he is willing to hand it over himself and gets to know him when the pages of his Meisterwerk where blown away by the wind and he helps him to collect them. They arrange to meet again in Leo Zuckermanns room the same day. They split and Michael goes on to visit his girlfriend who is also studying at the university but ...

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