Marshall, James Vance: Walkabout

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by James Vance Marshall Plot:Mary is thirteen and her brother Peter is eight years old. They are the only survivors of an air crash in the middle of the Australian desert. Somehow they try to come to Adelaide. But they are facing death from exhaustion and starvation, when they meet an Aboriginal boy, Darkie . Darkie is fascinated by Mary and Peter. He shows them how to find nourishment and guides them on their long journey. During the journey Mary can t stand the bush boy because of his nakeness and besides she never talks to Darkie. After some days the bush boy catches Peters cold. He becomes very weak and he thinks about his death and his burial table. Nonetheless Mary doesnt want to go near him. Peter is the only person who talks with Darkie. Then, because of Marys fault, she causes Darkies death because she looks at him with horryfied eyes, she s scared of him, but Darkie thinks that she has seen the death in his face what means that he will die, and when Aborigines think that they are going to die they normaly do After Darkies death Mary and Peter continue their long journey to Adelaide. At the end of their journey they meet an Aboriginal family who shows them the way to a white farmer. Characters: Darkie: He s the only one who knows how to survive in the desert and he knows that the two children would die without his help. He knows that he s in a position where he could do everything he wants, but he feels responsible for Mary and Peter.That s the reason why he still ...

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