What makes a global language?

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What makes a global language? Why is English a leading candidate? And will it hold this position? A few years ago I travelled around Europe with a friend. Although we knew only a little French, we were able to travel with no problem. Everyone we encountered, with a few exceptions, spoke English. It was comforting to be able to communicate with others when we were lost, needed help or just wanted to talk. Personally, I think a universal language would benefit most people. I agree, however, that one should not replace native languages. Native languages are symbols of culture, the past and its people. From what we have learned so far in this class, I think a universal language would have maybe eliminated some othe oppression and subordination some peoples faced at the hands of colonizers. Cheryl Fonda Undoubtedly, the English language is a powerful tool and has been a dominant force in supressing the colonies during Imperialism. Fortunately,Pakistan ( my native country) which was under British rule did not let go of its native language despite British influence. English remains the official laguage, but we have our own national language called Urdu, which is quite dominant. Shandana Khanzada (Pakistan) I guess from the heading of this posting that we would assume that english would be a great candidate for this universal language. I do feel that it might eliminate some tension if everyone had access to a certain universal language and couldnt be exploited as easily. However, ...

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