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characterization of Laurie Saunders Laurie is also a main character of The Wave . She is a student at Gordon High School. And she is the editor-in-chief of The Grapevine . She is a pretty girl with short light-brown hair and she is mostly smiling, so she is very funny. Everybody likes her. She is an person who can influence The others are influenced by her, especially the boys, because of her beauty. Nevertheless she really often chews pens. So she is also a person who is not perfect and that she know. To be an editor-in-chief shows that she is reliable. She takes her task seriously and she always becomes a bit sad when everybody refuses the tasks, for example writing a story. Her best friend is Amy Smith. With her she makes often funny faces. Therefore she is humorous. Laurie is also one of those who cannot understand the Nazis doing. But she is very shocked by the film. It really bothers her. She is in love with her boyfriend David. But she will not marry him. This time she feels too young to marry. With Amy she also has some problems. So it seems to be a competition between the two girls and this bothers Laurie really hard. The doing of Mr. Ross she finds a bit strange. So she does not want to get up with all the others. But at the end she also stands because she is not willing to be the only one who is sitting. And when Mr. Ross gives them the member cards she is the only one who asks for what it should be. The powerful feeling has also come over her, but the next day ...

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