Gates, Bill (1955- ) a computer mastermind

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Bill Gates a computer mastermind Will the computer eventually rule our lives? written by Felix Winkler 8.C in May 98 Winkler Felix LIST OF CONTENTS Introduction: General statements & information about computers Bill Gates: Background information; from nobody to Mr. MicrosoftA revolution begins From Internet to Highway How rich is he really? (short)Main topics: - How life will change Daily Life Learning Where person meets machine Audio, Video Talking to your computer - Future? Conclusion: Solutions Is a life without computers still possible Own opinion -Quotation- Sources: The New York Times Bestseller: Bill Gates- The Road Ahead (ISBN 0-14-026040-4) Michael Dertouzos: What will be. How the new world of information will change our lives. (ISBN 0-06-251540-3) Bill Gates Net Worth Page (Internet) General statements & information about computers A computer is an electronic device which processes data at an extremely high rate of speed. It can be fed with names, addresses, book titles, lists of merchandise, personal data, weather information, figures or mathematical problems. It then turns the data to binary bits of information and merely stores them, or the user can have it alphabetize the names or book titles, solve problems or make weather forecasts. The most modern computer can process millions of bits of data or solve complicated problems within seconds. Businessmen use computers for accounting and bookkeeping, for keeping track of sales and the amount of stock in the ...

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