Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchad (Mahatma) (1869-1948)

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Margit Falkensteiner Mohandas´ childhood Mohandas Karamchad Gandhi (which was his real name) was born on October 2nd, 1869 in Porbandar, a small seatown in Gurajat (Western India). The Gandhis were Hindus and belonged to the Bania caste, the second higest caste in Hinduism. Mohandas´ father was prime minister of Gurajat. His mother was very religious and he had two older brothers. When Mohandas was seven years old, his family moved to Rajkot, where his father became a member of the Rajasthenic Court. There he went to primary school and later to high school. He never was a good student, but he didn´t copy his work from other students. Gandhi was a shy boy and tried to avoid any company. Mohandas as a teenager In India it´s custom to marry quite early and parents have the right to choose the partners for the children. Mohandas was married to Kasturbai Makanji when both were 13 years old. Later he criticized his father for having married him as a child. Nevertheless, he loved his wife, but he was a quite jealous husband. Hindus aren´t allowed to eat meat, because their religion forbids that, like drinking alcohol. Mohandas thought, that the Britains ruled over the Indians because they were meat eaters, which made them stronger. He wanted to get as strong as those Britains were, because he couldn´t stand being oppressed by them. So he began eating meat for about a year, without his parents knowing it. But then he stopped and never ate meat again. Mahandas Gandhi in England ...

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