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Referat über Pearl Harbor June2001 1. Introduction 2. The battle 3. The film 4. The stars 5. The story of the film 6. Conclusion 1.Introduction 60 years ago, at the 7th of December 1941, it was the worst day, the forces of the United States ever experienced, when more than 350 Japanese bombers destroyed a big part of the American pacific Navy in the port of Pearl Harbour This assault led America into the second world war. Within two hours 2009 sailors, 109 marines and at least 68 civilians were killed. From the 394 aeroplanes 188 were destroyed and 159 damaged. The Japanese lost less than 100 pilots and only 29 aeroplanes. All in all more than 24 Americans died for one Japanese pilot. Seven of eight battle ships were given away or seriously damaged. The flight defensive was nearly total destroyed. The important aircraft carriers escaped this terrible Japanese attack undamaged, because they were located outside the harbour on the ocean. Later on these aircraft carriers decided the second world war America recovered fast from this attack due to the fact that the base for submarines, the dockyard and most of all the oil tanks were not attacked. 2.The battle The Japanese Battleship-Group under the order of admiral Chuichi Nagumo starts at the 26. of November 1941 from the Kurilles Islands in the north-east of Japan. During the following ten days, aircraft carriers, battleships, battle-cruiser, sub marines, convoy ships and tankers run apart the normal trade routes over the ...

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