Chatwin, Bruce: The Songlines

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THE SONGLINES by Bruce Chatwin Author: Bruce Chatwin was born in Sheffield in 1940. After visiting Marlborough School he worked as a porter at Sotheby s. Eight years later he was still working at Sotheby s, but now he had become one of the youngest directors. Between 1972 and 1975 he worked for the Sunday Times. Then he went to Patagonia for six months . This trip inspired him to write In Patagonia , which won the Hawthornden Prize and the E. M. Forster award and even launched his writing career.One of his best-selling books was The Songlines , which went straight to number one in the Sunday Times bestseller list and stayed in the top ten for nine months.After 49 years, Bruce Chatwin died in January 1989. Story: Bruce Chatwin is not only the author of this book but also one of the main characters. He always pursued his passion for world travelling and this book is about his journey in Australia.Bruce meets Arkady, an Australian citizen (his parents came from Russia), who works together with Aboriginals trying to prevent the government from destroying their sacred places. Together they travel around Alice Springs. Bruce meets some Aboriginals, who give him heaps of information about Australian culture, the way Aboriginals used to trade, the Dreamtime (a time when their ancestors created everything and named it; the Aboriginals learnt this through an oral tradition of stories and songs), their languages (more than 200) and songlines. Bruce gets to know stories and songs for ...

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