Cormier, Rober: The Chocolate War

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Cormier, Rober: The Chocolate War
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The Chocolate War Author: Rober Cormier Persons: Renault: He is a young boy, who attend a new school and who gets a lot of problems because of a secret club. Brother Leon: He is a very strict and conservative teacher and he is very unfriendly. Archie: He is a member of the secret club and he does a lot of things for the club and everyone does what he orders him. Summary: Jerry Renault is a young boy, who has to attend a new school. It is a Catholic High school in a small town, wich is called Tirnity. Jerry likes playing american football and therefore he really wants to become a quarterback of his high school team. Because of that he trains very hard and he doesn t show any pain. He is not bad at school, but there is one theacher he really doesn t like. The name of the teacher is brother ...

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