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violence What causes teen violence? Nature Versus Nurture: Some scientists say that some people are born with a tendency to be violent because of their genetic makeup or other biological factors, such as brain chemicals or neurological damage. Other scientists think that because of the high levels of the hormon testosterone, which is a male hormon, men are more aggressive than women. A psychology professor found out that criminals are born rather than made. But some experts think that children and teens are taught to be violent by aspects of culture in which they live. (USA gun culture) They say that a person because of his gens has got a tendency toward violence, but that alone is not enough to cause them to act in violent ways. Guns: Some people think that the easy availability of guns is a big or main problem of teen violence. Because a lot of shootings can t occur if it isn t so easy to get guns. Today in America there are 200 millions gun in that society. There are several reasons why guns are so dangerous in the hands of teenagers. First the teenagers can t contrl their emotions and impulses. Secondly, they don t know the full consequences. In America the leading cause of death for black males between the age of 15 and 19 are gun shootings. Personal Responsibility: But not only the g uns are the problem. Why do teens pick up guns and use them against other people? A lot of people think that the teens do so, because they lack the sense of personal responsibility. ...

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